Flower Garden Angels: 5 Design Set

These adorable little flower garden angels are perfect for embellishments at any time of the year. Even during the cold of winter, which may be the time we need a garden angel the most.
  • All will fit your 4" x 4" hoop.
  • Thread chart for each design is included.
  • Original artwork by Cute-N-Lovely.
  • Click an angel to see a larger picture.
Machine Embroidery Designs: Birdhouse Angel

Birdhouse Angel

Design Info

Stitches: 13,905
Width: 3.27"
Height: 3.86"
Colors: 10
Machine Embroidery Designs: Sprinkling Sunshine Angel

Sprinkling Sunshine Angel

Design Info

Stitches: 10,831
Width: 2.55"
Height: 3.85"
Colors: 11
Machine Embroidery Designs: A Flower for You Angel

A Flower for You Angel

Design Info

Stitches: 15,698
Width: 3.58"
Height: 3.49"
Colors: 10
Machine Embroidery Designs: Watering Can Angel

Watering Can Angel

Design Info

Stitches: 15,636
Width: 3.40"
Height: 3.54"
Colors: 10
Machine Embroidery Designs: Gardening Angel

Gardening Angel

Design Info

Stitches: 16,314
Width: 3.73"
Height: 3.52"
Colors: 11
  • Hoop Size: 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
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  • Thread chart included
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  • Price: $10.00
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