Halloween! : 10 Design Set

You gotta love Halloween! It's not about ghosts and goblins. It's about having fun, getting to dress up like teenagers do every day and, best of all, tricking and treating! Now I'm off to the local landfill to find a teenager's costume and scare everybody!
  • All fit your 4" x 4" hoop.
  • Thread chart for each design is included.
  • The names are not part of the individual designs.
Machine Embroidery Designs: Who (or What) Is In the Trunk?

Who (or What) Is In the Trunk?

Design Info

Stitches: 9,940
Width: 2.92"
Height: 3.67"
Colors: 11
Machine Embroidery Designs: Flying Witch

Flying Witch

Design Info

Stitches: 24,225
Width: 3.76"
Height: 3.76"
Colors: 2
Machine Embroidery Designs: Spider and Web

Spider and Web

Design Info

Stitches: 4,647
Width: 3.03"
Height: 3.86"
Colors: 3
Machine Embroidery Designs: Unraveling Mummy

Unraveling Mummy

Design Info

Stitches: 10,899
Width: 3.11"
Height: 3.92"
Colors: 6
Machine Embroidery Designs: Witch Cat & Flying Dustpan

Witch Cat & Flying Dustpan

Design Info

Stitches: 12,315
Width: 3.28"
Height: 3.87"
Colors: 12
Machine Embroidery Designs: Very Scary Spirit

Very Scary Spirit

Design Info

Stitches: 6,206
Width: 2.43"
Height: 3.90"
Colors: 5
Machine Embroidery Designs: Big-eyed Ghost

Big-eyed Ghost

Design Info

Stitches: 6,733
Width: 3.18"
Height: 3.88"
Colors: 3
Machine Embroidery Designs: Trick or Treat Bag

Trick or Treat Bag

Design Info

Stitches: 10,591
Width: 2.46"
Height: 3.80"
Colors: 4
Machine Embroidery Designs: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Design Info

Stitches: 11,689
Width: 3.43"
Height: 3.65"
Colors: 6
Machine Embroidery Designs: Flying Bats

Bats & Harvest Moon

Design Info

Stitches: 8,620
Width: 3.72"
Height: 2.03"
Colors: 2
  • Hoop Size: 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
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  • Thread chart included
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  • Price: $25.00
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