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Who doesn't like waking up to that beautiful melody from the garden? A bird's song is often imitated in music, especially song or whistling. Several classical composers have incorporated it into their music. Ludwig van Beethoven, for example, included imitations of the nightingale, quail and cuckoo in his Symphony No. 6 (the Pastoral).
These beautiful songsters make very "melodious" machine embroidery designs.
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Little Hooter Embroidery Design
Little Hooter
Multicolor Holy Spirit Dove Embroidery Design
Multicolor Holy Spirit Dove
Blue Lovebird Embroidery Design
Blue Lovebird
Descending Holy Spirit Dove Embroidery Design
Descending Holy Spirit Dove
Little Birdhouse #3 Embroidery Design
Little Birdhouse #3
Hawk's Head Embroidery Design
Hawk's Head
Bald Eagle Embroidery Design
Bald Eagle
Art Nouveau Crested Bird Embroidery Design
Art Nouveau Crested Bird
1 Color Calligraphy Bird Embroidery Design
1 Color Calligraphy Bird
Redwork Asian Style Stork Embroidery Design
Redwork Asian Style Stork
1 Color Phoenix Embroidery Design
1 Color Phoenix
1 Color Peacock Embroidery Design
1 Color Peacock