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Insects comprise the most diverse group of animals on the earth, with around 925,000 species described—more than all other animal groups combined: "Indeed, in none of her works has Nature more fully displayed her exhaustless ingenuity." Insects may be found in nearly all environments on the planet.
Now, they can be found in machine embroidery designs for all your flying, crawling, creeping and squirming projects!
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Baby Bee Embroidery Design
Baby Bee
WhatsIt Embroidery Design
Little Bee Embroidery Design
Little Bee
Decorative Dragonfly Embroidery Design
Decorative Dragonfly
Colonial Bee Embroidery Design
Colonial Bee
Bee Skep #2 Embroidery Design
Bee Skep #2
Dragonfly Embroidery Design
Busy Little Bee Embroidery Design
Busy Little Bee
Tiny Ladybug on a Leaf Embroidery Design
Tiny Ladybug on a Leaf
Little Ladybug Embroidery Design
Little Ladybug
Don't Worry, Bee Happy! Embroidery Design
Don't Worry, Bee Happy!
Fightin' Hornet Embroidery Design
Fightin' Hornet