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Of all the birds, chickens and ducks bring us back to simpler times when these birds where common sights around the farm.
Classically, it's fitting they should be considered comfort icons in our homes.
These birds make wonderful machine embroidery designs for all your "flying" projects.
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Colorful Rooster Embroidery Design
Colorful Rooster
Little Japanese Chicks Embroidery Design
Little Japanese Chicks
Redwork Ornamental Hen & Rooster Embroidery Design
Redwork Ornamental Hen & Rooster
Country Crowing Outline Rooster Embroidery Design
Country Crowing Outline Rooster
Red Geese Set Embroidery Design
Red Geese Set
Little Dancing Red Geese Embroidery Design
Little Dancing Red Geese
Red Mother Goose Embroidery Design
Red Mother Goose
Dancing Red Goose Embroidery Design
Dancing Red Goose
Redwork Ornamental Chicken Embroidery Design
Redwork Ornamental Chicken
Redwork Ornamental Rooster Embroidery Design
Redwork Ornamental Rooster
Tom Turkey Embroidery Design
Tom Turkey
Little Birdie Feet Embroidery Design
Little Birdie Feet