How to Zip Up Files with BuzzXplore

BuzzXplore really is a Premier Embroidery Design Management system. Not only will it convert your design files to many machine formats it does a whole lot more, even zipping and unzipping your files.
Let's take a look at how easy it is to zip up your files with BuzzXplore.

Open the program, click on View from the top menu bar and click on Xplorer Mode.
In the screenshot below List is selected as the viewing preference but any of the viewing options will work.

If not already activated click the Show Zipped Contents button, the ZIP folder icon.

Navigate to where you want to create the new zip folder.
It can be anywhere on your machine or network.
(In the screenshots below we're going to build the new zipped folder in the same folder containing the files we want to zip up.)
Click on File, New Zip Archive.

A new zip folder is created ready to be renamed.

In the screenshot below the folder was renamed to 323NewZip but the .zip extension wasn't added.
No problem. BuzzXplore will fix it.

After clicking Yes the renamed zip archive folder is placed in both panes.

Now it's simply a matter of right-clicking the file(s) in the right pane that you want in your new zip folder and dragging them to the folder. Your files will be compressed and zipped up.
You can drag to the new zip folder in either pane and your new zipped folder can be copied or moved to wherever you like.
Pretty easy, huh?
If you have BuzzXplore you don't need to purchase any other zipping or unzipping program.

Try it yourself. Download the free 21 day trial of BuzzXplore here.