How to Save Email Attachments

If you opt to have your design order sent to your email address your designs will arrive as zipped attachments.
The zipped folders will contain the designs in the format you specified and a pdf-formatted thread chart.
You will need to save those folders to your computer and unzip them before you can view, print or work with them. This quick pictorial will show you how easy it is to do.
Though email programs have different interfaces, the basic steps are the same.

The image below shows how a typical email would look with the Inbox (the top section) and the Preview Pane (the bottom section) open.
The red arrows are pointing to the paper clips, the icon indicating that the email contains an attachment.

Click on the paper clip in the preview page and a box will open. If a right click doesn't work in your email program, try left clicking. Click on Save Attachments…
You can, of course, click on the attachment itself. In that case your default unzipping utility will open. In the image below the attachment is, which means the SKU for this design is 3374 in PES format.

When you click on Save Attachments… the Save Attachments box will open. Then it is simply a matter of browsing to where you want to save it. Pretty easy, huh?