Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon™ Color Chart

We offer this thread chart as a service to our visitors.
We do not sell thread.

Twister Tweeds & Variegated Embroidery Thread Colors

Though we don't use these very often, every once in a while there's a design just made for one of these threads.
This chart was built in the same order as the Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon™ Color Chart, Rayon5-4-04.
Click column headers RA Name or RA Number to sort the information.
The actual stitched color out may vary from what is displayed on your screen.

Color RA Name RA Number
     3CC Apricot
     3CC Blue
     3CC Brown
     3CC Flag
     3CC Gold
     3CC Gray
     3CC Green
     3CC Horizon
     3CC Kelly
     3CC Light Blue
     3CC Light Green
     3CC Lilac
     3CC Maize
     3CC Nugget
     3CC Olive
     3CC Orange
     3CC Pink
     3CC Purple
     3CC Red
     3CC Rose
     3CC Tangerine
     3CC Turquoise
     3CC Yellow
     4CC Fiesta
     4CC Melody
     4CC Mexicana
     4CC Pastel
     4CC Rainbow
     American Twist
     Baby Pink
     Bear Brown
     Gold Reef
     Holiday Season
     Hot Passion
     Irish Green
     Jumping Juniper
     Mandarin Yellow
     Silvery Grey
     Sizzling Pink
     Spicy Red
     Spring Garden
     Summer Breeze
     Summer Green
     Van Gogh Blue