Windstar Embroidery Designs

Monochrome Pandas: 5 Design Set

This unique set of these lovable creatures is fast and easy to stitch out for a striking wall hanging or Oriental-themed project.
  • All fit your 4" x 4" hoop.
  • Each design has 1 thread color.
    The white areas in the images are not filled, so be sure to use a white, ivory, bone or other off-white material so your pandas really pop.
  • Thread chart for each design is included.
  • Click a panda to see a larger picture.
Machine Embroidery Designs: Panda 1

Design Info

Stitches: 8,265
Width: 3.59"
Height: 3.64"
Machine Embroidery Designs: Panda 2

Design Info

Stitches: 9,042
Width: 3.76"
Height: 3.75"
Machine Embroidery Designs: Panda 3

Design Info

Stitches: 17,021
Width: 3.63"
Height: 3.67"
Machine Embroidery Designs: Panda 4

Design Info

Stitches: 20,237
Width: 3.87"
Height: 3.15"
Machine Embroidery Designs: Panda 5

Design Info

Stitches: 17,125
Width: 3.86"
Height: 2.96"

You must have an embroidery machine to utilize our machine embroidery designs. We sell machine embroidery designs as electronic media (software) only. We do not sell embroidered "patches" or hard copy patterns.

  • Hoop Size: 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
  • Instant Download!
  • Thread chart included
  • Product ID: 2742
  • Price: $12.00
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