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Hand Painted Czech Easter Eggs

The idea of the egg as symbol of New Life was readily transferred by the people of early Christendom to become the symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. To the Christians, the Paschal egg became the sealed tomb wherein the body of the Lord had been placed after His crucifixion.
Tradition tells us that the custom of the egg had its start with St. Mary Magdalene, who is often depicted in icons holding a red egg. She may have been aware that the Romans would know the meaning of the egg as something that brings forth life from a sealed chamber.
In the early days of Christendom, red was the only color used in coloring the eggs, as it signified the sacred blood of Jesus which had been shed on Calvary. The Greek Orthodox believe that the color red also has protective power. However, other colors commonly used today came gradually into use.
Tan or ivory shades symbolized the fine linen cloth in which Jesus was bound before being placed in the grave. Green was used for the fresh vegetation of springtime. Blue represented the sky in all of its glory, and purple was used to represent the Passion of Jesus crucified.
  • These designs fit your 4" x 4" hoop.
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Machine Embroidery Design: Czech Easter Egg 1

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Machine Embroidery Design: Czech Easter Egg 2

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Machine Embroidery Design: Czech Easter Egg 3

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Machine Embroidery Design: Czech Easter Egg 4

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  • Hoop Size: 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
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