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The zodiac (from Greek zoon, animal) is an imaginary belt in the heavens extending approximately 8 degrees on either side of the Sun's apparent path (the ecliptic), that includes the apparent paths of the Moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.
There is a zodiac in western astrology, a different one in Vedic astrology, and a very different one in Chinese astrology.
Did you know that your sign is protected by an Angel? If you are an Aries your angel is Malahidael; Taurus - Asmodel; Gemini - Ambriel; Cancer - Muriel; Leo - Verchiel; Virgo - Hamaliel; Libra - Uriel; Scorpio - Barbiel; Sagittarius - Advachiel; Capricorn - Hanael; Aquarius - Gabriel; Pisces - Barchiel.
Bring your astrological angel into your home with these beautiful machine embroidery designs.

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