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  • "I just wanted to say Thank you for your beautiful designs, my business is extremely small and I really don't charge very much for my sacred linens. Most of the time what I make I even give away free to small monasteries and convents and poor churches. If a church cannot afford my linens then I just give it to them. My business is by word of mouth and my sister who is a nun gets me the most orders form priests she knows. I just finished a chasuble and stole for a young priest from Africa being ordained for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He is a friend of my sister and I made it for her to give to him, of course no cost. When people see my palls with your designs on it they love them. Again thank you so much for your designs.
    Sincerely in Christ," - Father Greco

  • "Last spring our altar guild had ordered a new altar cloth, pulpit cloth and 2 stoles from a large Christian store and 5 weeks before Easter, they were told the company could not fulfill the order. It was to be in memory of the son of one of our older members. The father was in poor health and the ladies wanted to get the memorial gift for last Easter, in the event it might be in memory of the father as well.
    So they came to me and asked me if I could do the cloths. I have done a lot of embroidery and made a full set of 9 feet by 15 foot banners, one for each season of the liturgical year, for our church.
    But I had not ventured into Altar cloths and with just 5 weeks to design, plan, purchase the material and do the sewing, it was quite an undertaking. Not to mention the Altar Guild having to approve of everything!!! Well I finished them the Thursday before Easter!!
    They loved the cross and lilies but envisioned it much larger. I enlarged the pattern, broke it into sections and embroidered the cross and lily in 7 hoopings to meet their request.
    The small test sew of the design I gave to the family and they have it framed and hanging in their home.
    The quality of your digitizing made it possible to enlarge the design. I could not have done that with designs from other companies I have purchased from." - Elaine

  • "Have been doing a lot of sewing for a priest who is a friend of mine. He just celebrated his golden jubilee. Have also been using your designs on all the alter linen plus a funeral pall (first time I have ever made one of those).
    Many thanks for being the best site ever for designs especially in the religious section. Thanks and regards." - Jo

  • "I want to take a moment and compliment you on your designs.
    The Alpha Omega I purchased a few weeks ago was used to make new alter cloths for the Lenten season- they have received many comments on their beauty.
    The Trinity design just purchased is to be used for another set of alter cloths. The Worship Committee loves the design and look forward to using the new cloths after Easter.
    Your selection of designs is outstanding and sewing them out has been a pleasure. Thank you for a wonderful shopping and sewing experience." - Sula

  • "Hi Deb, Attached please find a Bible cover I made using your Rising Sun Cross design. It stitched up so nice and turned out exactly as I had envisioned.
    Thank you so much for your products. Take care." - Marilynn

  • "Project...repairing pontoon seats to get a few more years out of them. Used your French horn design, it's just beautiful, prettiest double my hubby has seen. He's played French horn forever. I sewed it on marine vinyl, no problems at all...used 2 layers of aqua solvy on top, 2 layers of polymesh on back. Thanks for a terrific design." - Marilynne

  • "Hi Deb, I am busy ordering some more of your Judaic designs at the moment and want to ask you please please please to let us have some more Judaic designs. There are so few available on the internet and it is such a battle to get Judaic designs. I have been doing challah covers, matzah covers, table runners and the normal kitchen items for all the family and gifts to friends. I know there is so much one can embroider but, I love to do the Judaic designs. I am attaching photos of one of the challah covers done with your Shabbat Shalom design. Everyone loves it. Our rabbi picked one for himself with that design on it. Thanks and best regards" - Sharon

  • "Just to let you know that I have used so many of your designs on wallhangings for our church. I have one for every liturgical season, one for 50th anniversaries, funeral, plus others just because I like them. This spring I made a processional canopy and used a different design on every drop. I also made a matching humeral veil. Our Bishop was here for Confirmation and our priest asked him to bless them. He was very impressed. I love, love, love your designs!" - Angie

  • "Deb- Your embroideries are you suggested I did try a .dst design and my software converted it to .vp3. It really was beautiful, no exposed jump stitches, the threads were placed beautifully. You are truly experts in the field of embroidery and digitizing....wish I could learn with such expertise. Thanks again, and please have a very happy holiday. Windstar is number one in my book!!!!!!" - Mary

  • "I want to tell those who are unfamiliar with this site how wonderful the designs are and how exceptional their customer service is. Whenever I have had trouble with a design (and its usually my fault) Deb is there within an hour to answer my questions. Their discounts are incredible. I have purchased well over a hundred of their designs.I just love this site! " - Sue

  • "Deb Thanks for all your help. The Ave Maria design stitched out beautifully and I was able to complete the Chalice veil in time for the Feast of the immaculate Conception. I was really happy with the way it turned. out. I won't hesitate to order designs in the future." - Teresa

  • "I love your article on Communion Linens. Thank you so much God Bless" - Denise

  • "I just wanted to tell you how much I like your web site. I have a small and developing ecclesiastical sewing and crafting business. I have used several of your designs in projects for my church and other projects for sale." - Jennie

  • "Dear Deb: I'm sure people write to you about your lovely designs, but I want to congratulate you on the most attractive website. Crisp and clean looking, large typeface and a nice font, easy to read at night, items have code numbers that download, designs under sensible categories, etc. I could go on. Also your Christian designs are interesting and different. Even though I don't purchase every month, I do look through very regularly, and recommend your site to my friends. So once again, congratulations to you and your web designer." - Anne

  • "Deb: Thank you so much for your help and patience. You get an A+ for service. I am sold on your company." - Larry

  • "I just wanted you to know that the design I purchased from you (Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 582) is probably the nicest design I have ever stitched out. It was just perfect. Thank You " - Joan

  • "Hi Deb, I can begin the altar cloth I am planning for a while. I really appreciate your help ,support and understanding. I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to more designs from your library. Thank you very much again. God bless you. P.S Excellent customer service. You're just wonderful." - Ludivina

  • "Thank you very much for responding so quickly. You are right--take a deep breath and exhale. I was having trouble unzipping a file. I've unzipped before, but not on this computer. But I slowed down and paid attention, and it worked fine. Your embroidery designs are extraordinary, and I look forward to using more of them in the future." - Jan

  • "Good morning Deb! Stitched out 5024 (Vintage Ecclesiastical Design 469). The border around the cross is just perfect! As is the rest of the design...the 5 x 7 is a perfect size for my project. THANK YOU!" - Marlene

  • "I wrote you a couple weeks ago about using a lot of your religious designs as we are making pastor stoles. I purchased 8 or 9 designs from you now and I wanted to let you know I will send pictures when we have them completed. We are on #3 of 4 stoles. I wanted to tell you that your designs are outstanding, they stitch beautifully, never a problem. They are so beautiful when we are completed with one that me, being the embroiderer on the project, practically cries, they are so pretty and exquisite. I know the young man who is going to receive these will be ever so proud. Just wanted to say I could never have done this without your Windstar Embroidery designs. Once again I couldn't be more happier with the quality from A to Z. Keep up the good work and I look forward to using you again whenever the need arises. Thank you." - Mary

  • "I wanted to let you know I went on your site yesterday & was so surprised at all the new designs. I will be getting some tomorrow. Also I really like the way you are making designs that are complimentary to one another. It is nice to be able to have a design in the back of the vestment that is just a little different than the front but of the same style. Also good for the stoles. I love it! Thank you." - Jocelyne

  • "Hello! I just browsed through your new collection of Ecclesiastical crosses and the helpful guide on communion linens. I have used the small Jerusalem cross on lavabo towels made from leftover pieces of linen for morning Masses in our lower chapel. I also embroider baptismal garments as a memento, but I also use your design "A New Little Lamb Has Joined God's Flock" on the towel for the families. Your designs are truly first rate and so beautiful. Thanks," - Carla

  • "Hi! Just stitched out your "KARL THE CAT" designs on my Brother Quattro 4000D..towel sets and sweatshirts for my husband and his brother..They get hysterical just looking at"Karl" and so do I..Now all my family old and young want sweatshirts with "Karl the Cat"..Please offer more Karl the Cat designs..with that "Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry" sensitivity !!ha-ha!..Thanks so much for Karl..he "really makes my day" !!! Will be ordering more Karl soon..." - Nancy

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to you for the wonderful designs available on your web site -- the digitizing is impeccable. They all stitch out just as I pray they will. I am continue to use them on our church altar linens and priest vestments." - MMB

  • "I love your designs. I have used several on items for my church." - Vicki

  • "Thanks for your help with downloading the designs today. I very much like your designs. They sew out beautifully." - Leanne

  • "Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful designs. I have been commissioned to make 3 stoles for our new deacon. Your firm is the one I like to use as you have wonderful Christian designs. Love and blessings" - Chris

  • "Your religious designs are lovely. thank goodness you are in business. I make stoles for Priests in the Church of England and it is difficult to get symbols and designs that are suitable. So many "Christian" designs are sooo twee! Keep up the good work! Best wishes" - Christine

  • "Thank you and I want to compliment you on your Christian Designs. I do embroidery for our church, (Lutheran), and we are so glad to find these, as they suit the more contemporary and youthful direction we are taking in stationery and alter cloths and confirmation. Also, you have great squiggles!! Will get more later. :)" - Sylvia

  • "I used the last designs from Windstar for a project at our church, and I got so many nice compliments on them. thanks" - Karen

  • "Dear Debbie - Thx for going that special customer service notification re having forgotten downloading a design. . .and so. . .I ordered more! Great stuff! Great service!" - Bobbie

  • "Your designs are lovely! Glad I found your site. :)" - Barbara

  • "Deb- Thank for continuing to have the best, most efficient, most beautiful designs!! I appreciate the caliber of designs you have as well as the quality digitizing that you do! Ted and I hope you and Tom and your family also have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!" - Sharen

  • "Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to give you some feedback on your religious designs. As you can see from purchase history, my company has purchased MANY of your religious designs. The religious designs you offer are very nice, but some of them especially have a quality that I find to be stunning. For instance: the Crown and Christogram, Vine and Wheat Christogram, IHS Cross Christogram, and the Marian Symbols. I notice that some of your designs are more of the modern. Contrasting the two styles, I find your classic style to be super stunning. God bless." - Mary

  • "Thank you. I am so happy that I found your web site." - Joey

  • "Hi Deb, Just wanted to give you a shout, I finally got around to embroidering some of your designs and wanted to tell you about the results. I am super impressed and am very pleased to say the least. The designs came out looking fantastic! So, thank you for offering high quality designs for very reasonable prices and again for the % off coupon which really helped! Peace and Blessings." - Bruce

  • "I just wanted you to know that I think that your embroidery designs are beautifully designed. Thank you. Keep up the nice work." - Rita

  • "I have just found a new favorite site. I will be back.. Wonderful designs and easy to get around." - Ruth

  • "Thank you for your kind reply. I have been checking out your site and I love it! Thanks again for your kind attention." - Rebecca

  • "I really love your designs. They have stitched out so perfectly. We have the best alter linens at our church as a result of your expertise. Blessings and Gratitude." - Kristine

  • "The St. James/Baptism stitch out on the towels is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million and God Bless will let you know when I do the other cross" - Jan

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